Celto-eclectic Songs of Love, War, and Drinking!
The Secret Commonwealth has been Middle Tennessee’s most enduringly popular Celtic band since their inception in 1993. Influenced by The Pogues, The Chieftains, and traditional Irish pub bands, TSC’s music mixes original material with traditional music and many styles of American and European folk.

The best way to sum up The Secret Commonwealth is to think of it as a party that became a band! The initial trio consisted of Jack Hunter Daves, Jr., Rob Campbell, and Troy Guinn, and was formed with the sole intention of playing a single St. Patrick’s Day party. The response to their first performance was so enthusiastic that they began to play shows at local venues on the MTSU campus. Suddenly, they turned around and they had become an official band!

During their initial run from 1993-2003, The Secret Commonwealth played pubs, clubs, private events, and conventions, plus Celtic, International, and Americana music festivals. Their annual St. Patrick's Day shows in Murfreesboro have resulted in a packed house every year. They also recorded three albums: a self-titled debut in 1997, “The Uninvited Guest” (2002) a concept album collecting their many Halloween and supernatural-tinged original songs, and “Last Call” which was released on St. Patrick’s Day of 2013.

The faces changed often...so many talented players made unforgettable music in TSC, and because of the democratic nature of the band, they got to contribute to both the songwriting and in building the repertoire of traditional and cover tunes.

In August of 2004, founding member Jack Hunter Daves, Jr. died after a brief illness, and the band went on hiatus to heal from this tragic loss and to explore other musical projects. Their loyal fans continued to clamor for their return, and that wish was granted when the band re-formed in the fall of 2007. The new lineup has met with overwhelmingly positive results, and there’s no doubt that The Secret Commonwealth is back and the fun times and the musical adventures are just beginning!

We have just launched a YouTube channel! Check it out as we will be adding videos often!

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